Hit Tracking

By using our script over your website, you are sure to avail authentic reports for numbers of hits from popular social media websites. It will help you to track your ROI on social media campaigns in utmost professional manner for building and tracking your brand image.

Facebook: Our specifically developed script for Facebook will automatically count each of hits on your website that is directed from your Facebook advertisement to track the effectiveness of your Facebook advertisement campaigns. 

Twitter: Measure and analyze your twitter outreach and campaigns results as a redirection to your website. Plan marketing strategy to drive business decisions and optimize marketing investments for a meaningful brand success campaigns on Twitter.

Sales Tracking

Track Social Media Sales Script offers an incredible way to identify which social media sources are being able to fetch you maximum customers. Our complexly-coded script is able to act as a sales counter for your website to let you know the number of sales that are coming from social media.

Facebook: Easy-to-grasp sales reports through Facebook to track conversions either from mobile or web. Track total number of sales from Facebook to plan your social media campaigns for higher ROI. 100% Authentic Sales Results.

Twitter: Track all of your sales that are redirecting from Twitter to measure effectiveness and outcomes of your Twitter advertisement campaigns. Best way to track return on investment from ad impressions or Twitter advertisers.