What is Track Social Media Sales?

Track Social Media Sales is a web-based analytics tool that offers you the ability to track and optimize your sales through social media performance. We offer an all-in-one business enhancement dashboard app that helps you to monitor your Return On Investment for deriving an optimal social media strategy.

Track Social Media Sales provides a common platform to global brands, agencies & corporate for analyzing and drafting social marketing solutions that drives real business results. By associating with us, you can set up a benchmark against your competitors' by regulating your social marketing expenditure and increasing return on investment. We provide an effectual array of monitoring, management, social media marketing, and analytical tools that assist you to create social marketing campaigns and manage social media activities from a common and interactive dashboard.


Tracking Software Dashboard

How quickly can you analyze count of visitors you have received during last week from Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest and other social networks? Can you track if the visitors like, follow or buy you products? Track Social Media Sales’s Tracking Software Dashboard provides you all of these vital information and analytics within seconds.

Our integrated Tracking Software’s DASHBOARD is designed & developed for easier usability and quicker understanding so that you are always updated with your specific sales process. The DASHBOARD provides you a wide range of tools for effectively monitoring your sales and track results from a single dashboard. No other tools needed. Featured with full responsive status updates, enhanced quoting tools and automatic delivery of marketing information, your personalized DASHBOARD at Track Social Media Sales improves the way your business operates.


What we do

We aggregate and activate all of your sales through social marketing channels into a single platform for helping you to drive greater ROI from your social marketing efforts.